30 Oct 2014

10 reasons Max Denison would be the perfect boyfriend

Happiest of Thursdays to you! Is everyone thoroughly and fully excited for Halloween? My mom went to costco and picked up an amount of candy that even I think is excessive. This is not all of it. There's more. What a time to be alive. I'm planting my butt on my porch on friday night, dressed in a slightly scary costume, enough to freak out teeny children but not actually scare them. Moderation is the key to a long life and future babysitting gigs. My street has over 50 kids alone, so it should be a good Halloween.
Yesterday, the delightful Pam came over after work so we could do a dry-run of our make up and make crafts for our halloween costumes. Crafts. We are very into it this year. We spent the evening watching a scary movie, eating so much Halloween candy we felt sick, working on our costumes, putting on make up and laughing like idiots because thank god for dry runs and watching Hocus Pocus. It's everything you do at sleepovers, except on a Wednesday. All of my childhood illusions about being a grown up have come true and it glorious.
But we need to talk about something of the utmost importance. A viewing of Hocus Pocus brings an important issue to the table that begs to be discussed: Max Dennison.

He's the Californian, laid back, tie-dye wearing prince of all our childhood dreams. He was everyone's first movie crush and would absolutely, without a doubt, make the perfect boyfriend. Here's why...

1. He loves his little sister. 

2. Presumably has his driver's license. Or, if does not, feels confident enough about stealing his parents car and driving at it night. Either way, really.

3. Solid, casual reference to Jimi Hendrix

4. "Yabos"

5. Agrees to wear tights. 

6. Possesses enough confidence to attempt to woo a girl so clearly out of his league and succeeds
Alison: 90s fashion icon

7. Used his virginity to light the black flame candle. What a bad ass. 

8. Is a cool teenager
no, Dani, you wound't get it

9. Invokes both the burning rain of death and daylight savings. Smarty pants. 

10. Basically he's a tie-dye wearing, little sister protecting, yabo-loving dream boat. What more could we want? 

What do you think? Dateable? 
Stay spooky!

29 Oct 2014

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Happy Hump Day! I put together some last minute Halloween ideas for those of us too busy with school/work/procrastination/preparing for daylight savings. I will be shelling out on Friday and attending a Halloween Party on Saturday. What are your Halloween plans? Maybe some of these ideas will help...

Want to be festive? Serve pop or beer in an easy Pumpkin Punch Bowl 

Looking for a cocktail? Try a Witches Brew, The Grave Digger, Black Magic, The Weeping WomanGoblet of Fire or a Mr. Hyde Potion

Need a costume idea? 20 homemade adult costumes, 10 clever halloween costumes , 100 costumes inspired by the 90s, or 101 cheap halloween costumes, or maybe try one of these Easy DIY Harry Potter costumes, Tiffany and I recommend...

"sexy Thackary Binx"
Tina Belcher

Want some music? How about some Harry Potter music and more Harry Potter music? Or this romantic Halloween playlist, or this creepy one?

A few good tips for your back pocket: How to scare your friends, co-workers and/or children

Finally, How to have a great Halloween even if you made zero plans

What are your Halloween plans this year? Stay spooky. 

28 Oct 2014

le weekend etc

Well, another election has come and gone in Toronto. One of my godmother's was helping a friend of hers run for city councillor in our ward. Last night we were all pressed into service, knocking on people's doors and talking to folks standing waiting for the streetcar. The polling stations had people lined up until well past the 8pm cut off time.
Walking home across Queen street last night, every bar and pub boasting a tv had people's undivided attention. The results came in very quickly, unlike previous years, so John Tory was pronounced mayor at 8:20 and the municipal councillors either before or slightly after that. Sadly our candidate lost. It always sucks to lose. But, the silver lining of the evening: thank god Doug Ford did not get elected as mayor. It have been a real, lefty, screw you if Olivia Chow had won, but Tory will be perfectly fine. There will be no international embarrassments and he seems pretty committed to fixing transit. We shall see.

I had a really great weekend. The kind where you are busy and accomplishing all the things, but don't need a recuperative nap. Just such a weekend began on Saturday when Alex arrived and we went and got the. best. bacon. sandwiches. ever. from Rashers, complete with egg, cheese and brown sauce. The fact is, we really need to talk about this sandwich. I may go as far as to say, it is on par with the famous St Lawrence Market peameal sandwich. 10/10 would meat again. Next, Alex, darling person that he is, helped me pick out a new fall coat. I have been on the hunt for weeks and finally found what I was looking for. I would recommend Common Sort for (mostly) affordable second hand clothes. Part of any really good weekend is one where crossing things off a to-do list is done. Even when it's as simple as buying a fall coat (but really, it has two deep front pockets and a Hocus-Pocus hood and it's just the most perfect charcoal gray). We also felt morally obligated to go into Value Village, just to see if they had anything worth while, as you do. I think you all would have done exactly the same as me and purchased a brand new, never been used Murder Mystery board game from 1984, complete with cassette tape. That's just a common sense purchase. Relatedly, coming soon to my house: murder mystery dinner party. 

A round of celebratory coffee was in order and followed by a trip to the Distillery District to purchase beer. A few weeks ago I went and got myself a growler from Mill Street in order to make butter beer. This opportunity was as good as any to return the bottle and get a new one. We got to chatting with the handsome dude selling beer-neither Alex nor I can resist a handsome guy selling beer-and we sampled their new beer: 100th Meridian. It is delicious. According to our bearded beer expert, it has been surpassing their Organic in sales. *shocked face emoji* It's a delicious autumn beer that has the lightness of Organic but doesn't remind you of summer. Alex got a six pack (the flirt) and shared one with me later that evening: delicious. I refilled my growler with Father John Ale, a personal favourite. 

Saturday was Friendsgiving. Which deserves it's own blog post. 
On Sunday, I did some emergency babysitting for a neighbour of mine and was happy to receive a carrot cake cupcake in payment. Then I met up with the hungover crew from Friendsgiving, who had just gotten brunch. We decided books were in order, and went to chapters where I purchased a long-coveted item: Egghead. This is another item crossed off that gives one a sense of satisfaction. 
I somehow managed to convince Alex to come to the dollar store with me. $5 later (and a slight amount of cajoling) my house now has an appropriately creepy vibe for Halloween. But definitely not as creepy as this house (oh my god). Finally, there were hosta to be cut back and leaves to be raked and backs to overwork. There is something kind of charming about sweating in the cold while doing yard work. 

One more week of October! Friday is Halloween, I'm not *even* excited. Then I'm off to Haliburton for all of November. Eeep! Midwifery adventures, am I right? 

25 Oct 2014

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy Saturday! I am so relieved it's Saturday. The life of Sydney Davis was not exactly enjoyable this week. I am glad that weekends are a thing that exist and that I get to have one. Alex is in town and we're having our annual Friendsgiving celebration at Simon's house. I've got some great stuff for you this week like cocktail recipes, missed connections, the power of rituals and the hilarities of language. Enjoy!

This is exactly what science was made for

grief-bacon, I feel you

I'm a fan: why you should travel solo at least once

Tiffany found this missed connection and it's so vague we are undecided if it's about me or not!

10 ways to get yourself out of a funk

three cheers for Canadians: this maple apple upside down cake sounds beyond delightful

dreamboat mega-crush Bo Burnham explains men's underwear perfectly

I'm a fan of gin cocktails all year round, like this and this 

the Chicago Public Library made an "If you like Amy Poehler" reading list  and I'm very into it

the power of the ritual 

10 tips for writing great social media posts

A very important question: Why are America's post partum practices so rough on new moms?

interesting: 10 reasons why you shouldn't take photos in museums

it's true though, you never expect it

Have a great weekend!

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