1 Oct 2014

outfits of a weirdo part 3

Left: top and pants thrifted
Right: pants thirfted, top Joe Fresh (exactly

Left: sweater and jeans both thrifted
Right: jeans thrifted, tee Old Navy men's (similar)

Left: top and jeans both thrifted, tote from Mauer Park Flea Market in Berlin
Right: top and jeans both thrifted

Left: jeans thrifted, tank Joe Fresh (similar)
Right: jacket thrifted, jeans thrifted, long sleeve tee Old Navy (similar)

RIP regularly scheduled outfit photos. It's a lot of work to get those done ya know? Also these days I'm looking a lot like this. In any case, three cheers for thrift stores and cheap clothing. 
PS Outfits of a weirdo part one and two

30 Sep 2014

September Wrap-Up

September, September, September. What to say? Well for starters, I began my 21st consecutive year of school and frankly, that's maybe a bit too many in a row. I eagerly await the September 1st that comes where instead of paying tuition I receive a pay cheque, stick my head out my car window to laugh at high school children and go out for margaritas with my girlfriends. Or, like, be on-call and deliver babies. Regardless, a pay cheque would be nice. September 2016 here I come...slowly.
This month was a strange one. Lots of weird life stuff happened, I completely fucked up my sleep schedule, and Doctor Who premiered and it's a bit shit. However, I also had lots of wine-and-cheese-yell-at-the-top-of-our-lungs nights with my friends, saw my beloved high school friends an absolute ton and got to hang out with my mom a lot. So, strange but not horrible. That can be the title of my memoirs: Strange but not Horrible and other confusing things about being in your twenties. Gold. Alright, here are my most popular posts from September. Enjoy!

the best apple crumble ever

two delicious cocktails: the Corpse Reviver #2 and the Pink Negroni

I posted some photos from my time in the stu-unn-ing Copenhagen

third year of midwifery school started

I forgot about my blog for a while but came back with a very stimulating life update

and also this weekend links post

PS Get ready to roll out the October/Halloween fan club welcome mat because it's tomorrow. 

29 Sep 2014

le weekend

What a delightful weekend! There was a high school party, brunch, getting caught up on Doctor Who (still not sold on this season), fawning over the changing of the leaves, a craft market, cocktail research for the blog, partaking in a great Canadian Sunday tradition, eating cheese and having fires outside. 

My friend Alex had a little party at her house on Friday to say goodbye to her beloved childhood home, as her parents have recently sold it. Said house was also home to many of our ridiculous teenage shenanigans so we put on our pearls, as requested, drank wine, looked through old year books, laughed about being teenagers and most importantly re-enacted this glorious photo tradition:

2005, 2013, 2014

which naturally prompted this amazing display of human creativity and balance...

We're all auditioning for Cirque du Soleil. Flawless party attendance.

On Saturday Pam and I went to the Etsy Made in Canada craft fair. It was pretty cool, lots of great vendors and people seemed to be buying stuff but it was absolutely slammed. It's hard to stop and look at nice hand knit dog costumes or elaborate dollhouses made out of twigs when people with strollers are running over your toes. Other than the crowds it was delightful. We stopped in and said hi to Nathalie-Roze (Autumn Uber-Swab coming soon I hear...) and both got a couple great things. 

I bought this totally rad purse from Bookhou and this ridiculously amazing Harry Potter pin from Brooch Boyfriends. The brooches are made by a friend of Pam's from high school so I was going to buy one anyway, but I mean, come on, you can't not buy a Harry Potter boyfriend brooch made out of felt, right? Pam bought this one and I'm not even mad because now we both have hella rad brooch bfs. 
Saturday night was very low key. I just sat outside by the fire and read my book. My mom was out having all the fun with her friends but had agreed to watch one episode of Doctor Who with me when she came home. We started with Matt Smith's first episode. She was very concerned about Amelia, had her eyes covered for a few scary moment and said she liked it! Ahaha, victory is nigh friends!

Yesterday my mom and I had a lovely, lovely Sunday. We went to the farmer's market and ate fish tacos and saw all the nice young, white people with their dogs and babies. We had a fire in our backyard in our rad chiminea , ate a ridiculous amount of cheese, did a bunch of boring but necessary stuff like cleaning out the fridge and laundry. We also drove to see my grandmother, because family, and listened to The Vinyl Cafe. A+ Sunday. A+ weekend. Life is good. 
I've got one more week at this hospital then next week my new placement starts at a different hospital. So many scrubs, so little time. 
Have a rad Monday and I'll catch you on the flipside

27 Sep 2014

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Raise your hand if you're lying in bed suffering a wine induced hangover. Happy Saturday to you, too, fellow hungover-ees. Let's all drink strong coffee from our favourite mugs and enjoy the autumn-as-hell weather we're supposed to have this weekend. What are you up to this weekend? Pam and I are going to the Etsy Made in Canada Market this morning to get our shopping-locally-for-handmade-crafts-etc on. After that I've got a thrilling evening planned of cleaning my office, watching Doctor Who and drinking fancy herbal tea. Tomorrow I'm going to the farmer's market exclusively to buy apples and take a photo of pumpkins to put on instagram because it's 2014 and that's what you do. I've got some great internet stuff for you today like ridiculously good sounding hot toddies, talking to strangers, baked goods, Hermione Granger awesomeness, pizza bagels and more! Alright, let's get into it.

the one thing you must do

the Icelandic Police Force has the most adorable instagram account ever. Kittens! Fake mustaches! Cotton candy!

my mom is an expert at talking to strangers and I'm slightly envious of her skill, maybe a little experiment like this could help...

Not even pretending to not be excited about doing this 

a 12 pieces of clothing = 40 outfits?!? Tell me more about this witchcraft


Urgent News Bulletin: Hermione remains fabulous role model for girls. No one is surprised.

how ridiculously good does this hot toddy recipe sound?

as sad as it makes me to agree with this article it does sum up what's gone wrong with the new season of Doctor Who *shakes fist at Moffat's ability to write female characters*

stop it right this minute. Chocolate chip pretzel cookies.

bring on the spilled popcorn, sweaty hand holding and knees-to-chest position: I'm totally stoked about these upcoming horror movies

17 little itty-bitty changes that can make your life different and better

why repetition is enchanting for our brains 

Have a most magical weekend, mes amis xo

image via death to stock photo