18 Apr 2015

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy Saturday! I'm recovering from a Medieval Times + birthday party induced hangover (totally worth it) and have grand plans to clean my apartment today. How is everyone's weekend? I hope you have lots of time set aside to get early-in-the-season-sunburns and maybe get accidentally day drunk in the park because it is so that kind of weekend. In the meantime, here's some stuff from around the internet for your reading enjoyment. Enjoy!

does tylenol dull emotional pain too?

5 cheap and easy ways to cheer yourself up note to Sydney: number four, number four, number four

interesting facts for people (me) who love learning facts

avoiding conversational narcissism 

hello, new favourite breakfast sandwich 

I, too, dislike the new Dove ad

cocktail wizardry

how to make your own succulent zen garden 

Have a great weekend xo

16 Apr 2015

living that Guelph life

I kind of feel like this blog is my university boyfriend: we rarely talk about school or what I want to do with my life, and whenever we're at my apartment we only hang out in my bedroom. Don't worry, in a few months we'll discover whether or not we actually have things in common with each other, or realize we're just in it because it's wildly convenient and easy.
But in the meantime: Guelph!
General overview? Things in Guelph are prettttyyy great. It's is like, really pretty here. 

Then there's good food. After submitting our final papers for our online course Tiffany and I treated ourselves to a day outside in the actual sunshine, including lunch and a beer at Ox on their beautiful patio. I'm not going to describe the levels of inner delight I experienced when I realized I could get an affordable charcuterie board ten minutes from my house, because that would be slightly douchey and embarrassing (okay but look at it, look at it.) So I'll tell you instead about the pizza and beer, because they were delicious and left us both sitting contently, if slightly sleepily, in the midday sun. Much to my delight, there's a boatload of local beers to be had in the area. Actually, the majority of food and beverages for offer in Guelph are local. It's neat. 

Speaking of beer, we somehow ended up with a surplus of alcohol in our apartment. Considering that both of our alcohol tolerance levels have fallen below any form of acceptable level #drunkofftwobeers this is unlikely to change anytime soon. You can be certain that if you were to drop by unannounced we would be able to provide you a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, like the excellent hosts that we are. Although be fair warned, I shan't be making you any fancy, expensive cocktails. We do not have a "home bar" because of student debt and the reality that we can't solve our woes with alcohol #oncalllife The point being: come on over anytime!

Adventures in cat babysitting are going great, thanks for asking. Otis loves having her picture taken. Loves it. Tiffany and I are now both cat whisperers and have successfully modified a few of the more unsavoury behaviours. Although, let's be honest, mostly Otis pretty much does whatever she wants. Including opening door knobs

When I get around to making a proper "apartment tour post" you will see our teeny, tiny tv room. There's just enough room for our two person couch and the oversized tv. We have taken full advantage of this arrangement and spent several nights eating chips and enjoying the benefits of Netflix. In addition to several Important 90s Comedies, we've watched all of Garfunkel and Oats and just started in on Daredevil. Basically, we're loving that Guelph life.

I'm off to Toronto this weekend to celebrate Pam's birthday and to help out with the midwifery school interviews (best of luck, brave women!) 

 Until next time, xo

13 Apr 2015

there's so much room for activities

Happy Monday! How is everyone on this lovely spring day? The sun is shining here in the beautiful metropolis of Guelph and it is gorgeous! Now that I've had a week to settle in, unpack, deep clean the apartment and procrastinate paper writing I'm ready to show you my new place. Today, my bedroom! First of all, there is so much room for activities! 

There is enough room for all my regular bedroom furniture #thanksikea, plus a bench and a sweetas leather arm chair that my grandparents used to have in their den (so you know it's legit comfy.) 
Secondly, sunlight! Bay window! Hardwood floor! A balcony! Inexpensive, beautiful apartments is one of the reasons we wanted to move to Guelph. 

My room certainly isn't pinterest-worthy (what is these days, really?) but I like it. A lot. My Doctor Who obsession is alive and well in my bedroom. As is my book hoarding obsession and appreciation of book stacking (a trick I copied from Tiffany, whose room is much more aesthetically pleasing than mine.) Honourable mention to my strange but lovely collection of snow globes and hapless button accumulation. 

I spy a kitty butt...Otis was very helpful when I was taking these photos

Ta-da! Bedroom-a-la-midwifery student. What do you think? Do you have any super great bedroom design tips you are dying to share with me? 

Have a great Monday! Until next time, xo
PS how to make your own wall calendar and polka dot drawers 

11 Apr 2015

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy Saturday! I'm pretty pleased that I had enough down time this week to get a weekend links post together. Way to go past Sydney! Last night Tiffany and I were out and about enjoying the fine establishments that downtown Guelph has to offer, so today I'm enjoying coffee in bed and (quietly) playing with the cat. Once this hangover wears off today will also be for tidying, paper writing and showering. In the meantime, here's some links for you from my internet travels this week. Enjoy!

I made the Pioneer Woman's roast chicken recipe this week and it was so good

helpful information for those of us who just moved into new apartments: simplifying and organizing a home

I quite enjoyed not having internet for a week, less time on the computer made me less scattered and irritable, I think future Sydney will be partaking in more activities that don't involve looking at screens 

actually very helpful ideas for small kitchens 

one of each please!

okay, and one of these, as well

open invitation for anyone to come over and share a pitcher of these margaritas with me

these photographs...damn 

the push for passion and why it harms kids (shout out to my mom for not falling into this trap) 

does red wine give you headaches or make you mean? Science says there's a reason for that...

I ordered this book to help me learn to be a better cat owner and it's really working

how to get  started with a "discipline" habit 

Have a great weekend! xo

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