31 Aug 2014

August wrap-up

How can it possibly be the last day of August? Did summer not just begin? August has certainly been...an experience. I would be lying if I said I was not eagerly awaiting September and all the goodness that comes with a change in the seasons. I'm looking forward to fall in general, really. Well let's kick back and enjoy the last few days of labour day weekend (please refrain from making any and all jokes regarding that being a midwife's favourite holiday. I have the rest of my life to pretend that's funny to people's faces.) Here are my most popular posts from August...

There were two cocktails that you guys were into: Vodka Gimlets and Kentucky Mules

People are still all about the best apple crumble ever (but seriously, it's the best apple crumble ever)

As per tradition, I have some feels about the impending midwifery school year

I went to Paris and it was, as one might expect, absolutely fabulous 

This weekend links post was popular 

I got in some time at the cottage before the school year kicked off

PS Just saying I have a seriously low-quality twitter account and absolutely ridiculous instagram situation going on, if that's something you are into...

30 Aug 2014

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy Saturday! I'm fighting off a horrible Lady Gaga and Bourbon related hangover and spending the rest of today doing school work with Tiffany and Tara. A thrilling way to spend a long weekend. I hope you are all doing more fun things than me. This week I've got some good links for you: slab pies, delicious cocktails, how to cheer yourself up and a trick for using up avocados and bananas. Enjoy!

Amy and her love of pie are truly a gift to the internet: Strawberry Rhubarb Slab Pie

you know what? we know we're beer snobs, alright? we like it that way

I finally got around to watching this TED Talk about body language and it was both fascinating and helpful

the hair style that literally looks good on everyone: a milkmaid braids tutorial for medium length hair

gross and helpful: I was not aware that mattresses required deep cleaning 

cocktails to try this weekend: Bitter + Spicy,  Ginger Tom Collins and a Cherry Vanilla Shrub

making Mondays better

here's a great way to use up all those extra bananas and avocados that have almost gone bad

how to use photoshop to fix not-so-great photos

you're more awesome than you know 

I'm saving this for the rainy days of fall: 45 ways to cheer yourself up on a bad day

10 ways to up your mac and cheese game

Have a great weekend! 

29 Aug 2014

sips // dark and stormy

Good things come in threes. 
Like long weekends and movie trilogies. The third movie in a trilogy is essential. It carries a lot of weight on it's shoulders. How could we have forgiven Robert Zemeckis if he had left us with only Back to the Future and Back to the Future Two? Or if Richard Linklater hadn't told us if Jessie and Celeste stayed together in Before Midnight? Or why it was necessary for someone to phone Neve Campbell and say "Hello, Sydney" prompting years of people coming up behind me and repeating that sinister line right in my ear while congratulating themselves on their originality. That's not important. You know what is? Alcohol. Alcohol on a long weekend. 
Consider this the third instalment of Alcohol + Ginger Beer + Lime Juice. 

The summer started with a popular drink that most people have heard of: Moscow Mules. That's ginger beer and vodka. A safe choice. 
Then there was the Kentucky Mule. A drink made slightly more dangerous by how ridiculously delicious it is and the fact that bourbon and ginger beer are much better together than they are separate. A true love story. 
And now we're here. The third story. The third cocktail. The Dark and Stormy. It's the perfect tumultuous finish to summer. It's smooth and slightly exotic tasting, but also familiar. I recommend using some seriously delicious rum and your juiciest limes. You know you want to try one...

Dark and Stormy
makes one drink
1.5 oz black spiced rum
4-5 oz ginger beer
1/2 oz fresh lime juice

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add the lime juice and ginger beer. Stir slightly to combine. Add the rum and garnish with a lime wedge. Enjoy!

PS Drinks with similar ingredients Moscow Mules & Kentucky Mules

26 Aug 2014

midwifery // third year approaches

Remember last year when I was soooo excited for school to start?

RIP that time of hope and optimism. 

Third year is the midway struggle. I'm too far in to turn back but I also know I have the same amount of time to do all over again before I finish. 

This year is already starting off on an ominous note with the school emailing us a friendly reminder that we have a 900 page manual to read before labour day and an exam after a week long intensive.

Perhaps I'm being dramatic, just stressing over nothing. But in my defence: 
I have had a cold for over a week.
My pelvis hurts.
My knee is inflamed.
I'm an 80 year old woman trapped in a 25 year old body. Help me.

So, uh yeah, I'm feeling just a teeny bit of stress.
I'm 85% certain that I've forgotten every single thing I learned in the past two years. Where does the baby come out? What do I do with my hands?

I'm sure it will be fine.
We're only getting thrown into situations where were being judged and evaluated literally constantly.

Midwives are, generally speaking, a kind group of women who are sympathetic to the terror thrill of being a midwifery student. Do doctors and nurses harbour similar sentiments?

Uh my hunch is that'd be a big

Let's also have a moment of silence for all the midwifery student's social lives that are now coming to a frantic and tragic end. 

Don't worry, it totally doesn't get weird when we spend too much time with each other

Cheers to higher education. Follow your dreams children!