28 Feb 2015

February Wrap-Up

Hi friends! Who else is really happy it's the end of the month? February is always kind of gross, cold and dark. March, however, is the harbinger of spring! Glorious, glorious spring. The sun is out in full force today and it's only -4 degrees, I was so happy being out on a walk I almost cried. I can't wait to get to the Netherlands where it is above zero degrees, people. Talk about a quality of life improvement. Here are my most popular posts from February...

In a few days I am leaving for a trip to the Netherlands!

I found out where I am going for my final year of midwifery school

I had a fun-filled long weekend

I started (and finished!) a new placement at a sexual health clinic

annnd there were a bunch of fun links you guys were into like, this, this and this 

Until next time, xo 

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy weekend! What are you guys up to? I'm currently eating a breakfast sandwich my mom brought me from the St Lawrence market and working myself up to get out of the house. It's only -4 today! February kind of blows, eh? I suppose then, it's a good thing it's the last day of the month. I've got lots of fun links for you today like breakfast pizzas, Harry Potter, being a grown ass adult, hilarious advice from parents, and cocktail stuff. Alright, let's get into it! 

Very Important Food Alert: 5 minute breakfast pizza

look at this Fierce-A-F hair-do

Harry Potter cocktails! Harry Potter cocktails! Their butterbeer looks okayyy, but mine is better 

how to take care of your car like a grown ass adult

Everyone stop what you're doing and read this article about expecting a baby immediately

annnd follow it up with this one about motherhood 
Inevitably there's someone on Pinterest who made a photo album of her infant daughter dressed up every day like a different kind of desert finch, and I will look at my youngest child, who is twelve months old, and seriously find myself thinking, "Well, it's too late, you've blown it now, it's too late to make a film of William and all his hospital nursery roommates enacting tableaux from 'Labyrinth', so I guess you're done forever
yoga for lower back pain

staying close with your friends when you/they move far away...you had me at coordinate Netflix

celebrity women calling out ridiculous sexism FTW, Elizabeth Moss is my favourite

making learning part of your every day life

I spent a lot of time reading about Mars One, and like...holy moly...this is real

there's some good tips in here about making your bedroom a magical hideaway

cocktail diy nerdiness: how to make your own smoked sugar cubes

Have a great weekend, xo

26 Feb 2015

the great apartment hunt of 2015

Hello blog friends! How do you fare on this fine, ass-freezingly-cold day? I'm finishing up my final days of this placement and getting stress-excited about my upcoming trip to the Netherlands. That's pretty exciting, but there will be lots more to say about that once I actually get there and am lying on Sophie's couch, too full of cheese and stroopwafels to do anything except hunt-and-peck type blog posts. 
Besides, I've got exciting news! 
After two weekends of apartment hunting (a blessedly short amount of time, frankly) Tiffany and I found a place to live for our sojourn in Guelph
The future home of The Midwifery CovenTM is on the second floor of a beautiful old Victorian house. The apartment was the last place that we saw after a fairly long day of showings and we both immediately fell in love with it. The bedrooms are big, light and spacious with lots of room for future companions. There's a porch off the kitchen and a balcony off the front of the house that one may climb through a bedroom window to access. Perfect for smoking illicit clove cigarettes and stating moodily into the sunset. 

We move in at the beginning of April, which gives us a few weeks to get our chakras aligned and then begin our placements in May. We are both pretttty excited. Bonus! Some fun apartment-themed links for you: 11 ways to make your home happy , for interested parties: I would like all of these , making an apartment look great on a budget and a year's worth of small space advice

Until next time, xo 

21 Feb 2015

internet stuff for reading enjoyment

Happy Saturday internet friends! What are you up to this weekend? Tiffany and I are going on a wee road trip to Guelph to look at apartments. Send us good real-estate vibes. There will also be a pizza and wine night, and at some point I should really start thinking about getting organized for my trip because it's in ten days! I had a slightly underwhelming week at placement (lots of syd + internet time) sooo all the links for you this week! There's cocktails, breakfast foods, fictional boyfriends, Fifty Shades reviews, and a little bit of science for good measure. Enjoy! 

I've got three words for you: cheddar bacon waffles 

...which you should totally have with these bloody marys with bacon stirrers

if Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend
If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend, you would own a good cheese knife. Nothing pretentious. You wouldn't need a whole set. Just one. But it would be perfect, and you would never have trouble sliding Camembert pieces off of it. You would be the kind of person who invests in small, good, useful things.
did you know all the full moons this year have names? And that all the names mean something different? Science is rad

funny and interesting: my week of dangerous self indulgence 

how to get the most out your trips 

I would like this for my house please, kay thanks

a fun DIY project 

everyone's new favourite instagram account 

the true division of our generation

Fifty Shades, as reviewed by the New Yorker  annnnd this excellent review, just for good measure

file this under cutest things ever 

this is for Tiffany: how to talk to girls on twitter without coming off like a creepy rando
Is it possible she was making a joke? Joke-making by women has been legal for years, and many of us have gotten very good at it 
hello yes please fancy old cocktail recipes  

all members of the Ben Wyatt fan club raise your hands 

this made me want to go back to Paris like, now

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Until next time, xo 

photo via tumblr